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Creative problem solving

Analog provides a solid design environment for your content, with a modular layout that takes advantage of the flexible building approach of Elementor page builder.


Easily re-order, customize and tweak every section you see according to your requirements.​

Sharp Design

Hive has been designed with the finest pixels in town, delivering a design system that scales.​


Handcrafted and well-thought out, Hive will power up your building workflow for your projects.​

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Science matters

Efficient use of shape dividers result in an engaging section that can be used by practically anything. Enrich by adding a custom background image and see how the shape divider interacts with it.

+ 229 % revenue + 18 % productivity – 45 % abandoned carts

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A layout that flows

We provide lean advise and consulting for small and medium businesses that take their first online steps. Come join us and see how we can help your business grow.

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  • 0030 123 4556
  • hello_themeisle

Why us

  • Efficient and fast paced
  • Super logical
  • Flexible pricing options

A1-Agedashi Tofu (4pc) Deep fried tofu with teriyaki sauce       $6

A2-Gyoza (6pcs) Beef Dumpling   $7

A3-Harumaki (4pcs) Japanese style spring roll              $

A4-Edamame soy beans              $6

A5-Fire in the Hole  (4pcs) Deep fried jalapeno pepper with spicy salmon and cream cheese              $12

A6-Sushi (5pcs) Chef’s choice of assorted sushi             $10

A7-Salmon Sashimi (6pcs)              $12

A8-Sashimi (9pcs) Chef choice assorted Sashimi              $14

A9-Beef Sashimi Sliced raw beef with ponzu sauce     $15

A10-Vegetable Tempura (7pcs) assorted vegetable     $10

A11-Shrimp with Vegetable Tempura 2pcs shrimp, 5pcs vegetable   $12

A12-Shrimp Tempura (5pcs)              $13

A13-Tuna avo tartar  Diced tuna and avocado with ponzu & garlic oil        $12

A14-Kalbi B.B.Q Marinated beef short ribs             $15

A15-Chicken Katsu Deep-fried breaded chicken with sauce            $9

A16-Sushi Pizza Spicy salmon            $12

A17-Spicy Chicken Karaage Fried chicken with sweet garlic spicy sauce             $11

A18-Calamari Panko breaded calamari rings with sweet chili sauce              $11

A19-Salmon Tataki (5pcs) Sliced grilled salmon with house sauce              $13

A20-Tuna Tataki (5pcs) Sliced grilled tuna with house sauce              $15

A21-Albacore Tuna Tataki (5pcs) Sliced grilled albacore tuna with house sauce $14

SD1 – Sashimi Dinner   ….. $25
18pcs assorted raw fish

SD2 – Sashimi Moriawase ….. $35 
25pcs chef choice the freshest assorted raw fish

SD3 – Sushi A ….. $18
7pcs nigiri& 6 California roll

SD4 – Sushi B ….. $22
8pcs nigiri& 8 dynamite roll

SD5 – Sushi C ….. $23 
9pcs salmon nigiri&6 Spicy Salmon roll

SD6 – Tuna Lover  ……. $28
6pcs spicy tuna roll,5pcs tuna nigiri &5pcs sashimi

SD7 – Sashimi Donburi ……. $19
Chopped fresh raw fish with veggie with spicy sauce

SD8 – Unagi Donburi ….. $24
BBQ eel on a bowl of steam rice

SD9 – Chirashi Sushi  ….. $28
Sliced fresh raw fish on a bed of steam rice

SD12 – Maki Dinner (20pcs)     ….. $20
California, dynamite roll, salmon roll

SD13 – Spicy Club Maki (18pcs) ….. $22 
spicy salmon, spicy tuna, spicy California

SD14 – Veggie maki set(18pcs)  ….. $18
yam, mango&avo, Mushroom&cucumber

SD15 – Salmon lover (16pcs)  ….. $23
spicy salmon, salmon sashimi, Salmon nigiri

SD16 – Sushi&Sashimi A (22pcs)  ….. $27 
Dynamite, assorted sashimi& nigiri

SD17 – Sushi&sashimi B (31pcs)   ……. $42
Chef choice combination assorted sashimi, sushi and rolls

SD18 – Dragon War (20pcs)  ……. $32
Orange, Green Dragon, 4 nigiri

SD19 – Fall in love (22pcs) ….. $36
Spider Roll, Spicy salmon, Rainbow Roll

KD1 – Tofu Teriyaki    ….. $16
Fried tofu with veggie

KD2 – Chicken Teriyaki ….. $20 
Grilled chicken with veggie

KD3 –Salmon Teriyaki  ….. $22
Grilled Salmon with veggie

KD4 – Beef Teriyaki  ….. $24
Grilled AAA steak with veggie

KD5 – Tempura Dinner  ……. $21
5pcs shrimp 7 veggie with homemade sauce

KD6 – Bulgogi Dinner ……. $19
Pan fried thin sliced tender beef marinated

KD7 – L.A Kalbi Dinner  ….. $26
BBQ marinated short ribs of beef

KD8 – Udon  ….. $13
Japanese thick noodle in broth with vegetable
Add:Chicken-$4  Beef-$5  Dumpring-$3  Tempura-$5

KD9 – Seafood Udon  ……. $19
Assorted seafood with veggie

KD10 – Yaki Udon ……. $13
Stir-fried udon noodles in homemade teriyaki sauce with veggie
Add: Chicken-$4   Beef-$5   Shrimp-$5

KD11 – Chicken Katsu Dinner ….. $18 
Deep-fried breaded chicken with sauce

KD12 – Fried Rice   ….. $10
Assorted vegetables rice sautéed and lightly seasoned with house sauce
Add: Chicken-$2  Shrimp-$3  Beef-$3

KD13 – Hot Stone Bowl    ….. $14 
Vegetable, bulgogi beef, fried egg, atop of rice in a hot stone bowl

KD14 – Spicy Seafood Soup    ……. $18
Assorted seafood with veggie and thick Noodle

KD15 – Chicken Donbri  ……. $14
Chicken Vegetable egg with house sauce on a bed of steamed rice

KD16 – Chicken Katsu Donbri  ….. $15
Deep-fried breaded chicken Vegetable egg with house sauce on a bed of steamed rice

KD17 – Beef Donbri   ….. $15
Beef Vegetable egg with house sauce on a bed of steamed rice

KD18 – Spicy Chicken Dinner  ……. $19
White chicken breast with homemade spicy sauce& Vegetable

KD19 – Jab chae Donbri ……. $15
Glass noodle with beef & vegetable on a bed of steam rice

KD20 – Ramen ….. $13
Original spicy ramen with chicken katsu, vegetable, egg