A1-Agedashi Tofu (4pc) Deep fried tofu with teriyaki sauce       $6

A2-Gyoza (6pcs) Beef Dumpling   $7

A3-Harumaki (4pcs) Japanese style spring roll              $

A4-Edamame soy beans              $6

A5-Tako Yaki (6pcs) Octopus ball              $8

A6-Sushi (5pcs) Chef’s choice of assorted sushi             $10

A7-Salmon Sashimi (6pcs)              $12

A8-Sashimi (9pcs) Chef choice assorted Sashimi              $14

A9-Beef Sashimi Sliced raw beef with ponzu sauce     $15

A10-Vegetable Tempura (7pcs) assorted vegetable     $9

A11-Shrimp with Vegetable Tempura 2pcs shrimp, 5pcs vegetable   $12

A12-Shrimp Tempura (5pcs)              $13

A13-Mushroom Butter Yaki              $9

A14-Kalbi B.B.Q Marinated beef short ribs             $14

A15-Chicken Katsu Deep-fried breaded chicken with sauce            $9

A16-Sushi Pizza Spicy salmon            $12

A17-Spicy Chicken Karaage Fried chicken with sweet garlic spicy sauce             $11

A18-Calamari Panko breaded calamari rings with sweet chili sauce              $10

A19-Salmon Tataki (5pcs) Sliced grilled salmon with house sauce              $13

A20-Tuna Tataki (5pcs) Sliced grilled tuna with house sauce              $15

A21-Albacore Tuna Tataki (5pcs) Sliced grilled albacore tuna with house sauce $14


Roll (6pcs)  /  Handroll 

S1-Miso Soup Healthy soy bean paste soup  $3

S2-Wanton Soup dumpling soup           $5

S3-Mushroom Soup Assorted Mushroom         $5

S4-Seafood Soup assorted seafood soup           $9

S5-Crunch Noodle Soup Thin Japanese style noodle             $5

S6-Steamed Rice              $2

S7-Sushi Rice              $3

S8-Brown Rice              $3


Roll (6pcs)  /  Handroll 

S1-House Salad   $3.5

S2-Avocado Salad avocado slices on house salad           $6

S3-Seaweed Salad          $6

S4-Sunomono Salad Shrimp, Tako, crabmeat, seaweed with radish           $9

S5-Kani Salad Crab meat mixed with Japanese mayo, tobiko and cucumber           $8

S6-Tuna Tataki Salad  Sliced grilled tuna with house salad   $13

S7-Kim Chi Korean style spicy cabbage         $5

S8-Mango Salad          $9

S9-Spicy Sashimi Salad            $12

S10-Chicken Avo Salad  Chicken, avocado, mix salad, cucumber,tomato with yuzu dressing           $15


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